Hair Drawing Tutorial

The Hair Drawing Tutorial:

Please post all comments or questions here below. I will answer the questions if I can. You can also discuss the tutorial here.


5 Responses to Hair Drawing Tutorial

  1. Gregory says:

    Nice info, still waiting for your next infos…

  2. Zafrina says:

    omg!!! thnx for this post i think this will really really help me!
    i suck at drawing hair..
    congratulation AND thanks!
    hello from Romania!

  3. tony says:

    hi, thank you for the tutorial, it definitely helps, but i’m just wondering can i use Graphite pencils instead of charcoal to achieve the same effect?(because i don’t have any charcoal nor charcoal pencil) and you mentioned “tissue or a piece of cloth” when should i use it? would it be better if i use tissue instead of rubber-eraser if i work with graphite? thank you very much

    P.S. i tried to long-dark hair with the reflection of the light, but the reflections look like gray hair instead of reflection, can you please give me some tips on that?

    • timonc says:

      hi tony, thanks for your question. I think that it should be charcoal, I tried it with pencil 8B and it didn’t work well. You may use pencil (plus smudging eraser) when drawing blond hair. About the tissue – honestly, you don’t need it. Tortillion is much better. But notice that it does NOT work like smudging eraser. (wait for my next tutorial about shading)
      About the reflection – I would need to see it. But in general when you draw straight long dark hair, you draw only distinctive reflections, not everywhere, but on the top of head where hair curves. See for inspiration:,
      Good luck!

  4. Jessica says:

    Thank you for posting this tutorial! I’m not usually an artist by trade; I’m only taking a drawing 101 class in college, but this is really going to help me on my final. I didn’t have any idea of how to tackle the hair in my drawings, and one of my source images featured some very elaborate, tangled, wind-blown hair. I think now I have a good shot at it!

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